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All Star Driving School

All Star Driving School is a series in which nine plucky celebrity learner drivers attempt to ditch the L plates once and for all.

The series will see our famous faces join a specially created intensive driving school run by three fully qualified instructors. The celebrities will learn and take part in a series of core driving skills and challenges, all in the newly launched Suzuki Ignis. Providing how well they do, this may lead to forfeits or treats for our celebrity learner drivers. The celebrities will also be putting in extra practice sessions and helped across the week by their friends and family who will also be there to rally them on the day of their practical driving test; hopefully the positive culmination of all their hard work on the roadÂ…

Show starting on 2017-09-18

Episode: Episode 2
In this episode:

It’s day two at the All Star Driving School and First Dates waitress CiCi Coleman, Tattoo Fixers receptionist Paisley Billings and The Vamps bassist Connor Ball are taking on different types of junctions in the hope of ditching their L plates at the end of the week. Yesterday Connor discovered that he has a fear of lorries and today he gets to add roundabouts to his list of phobias. He also has a Friends and Family Lesson from Luke Franks, a Radio 1 DJ. Does Connor learn some new skills or does it all go horribly wrong? CiCi keeps getting distracted, mainly by dogs, which frustrates instructor Maxine. Will she manage to find a way to keep CiCi focused on driving and learning, or is that mission impossible? Paisley has failed her test twice on roundabouts, so the pressure’s on her when it comes to the Daily Challenge – The Magic Roundabout.

Aired on: 2017-09-19

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