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Iron Chef Eats

Although the men and women who rise to the rank of Iron Chef are considered to be among the best in their profession, it doesn’t mean that they exclusively eat food that they prepare themselves. Sometimes they go out to restaurants to have other people do the cooking for them. In this series, familiar faces from the “Iron Chef” franchise discuss some of their favorite food spots across America. The Iron Chef Eats celebrities talk about everything from pizza to burgers and fried chicken. Given the level of excellence they expect for their meals, you can probably anticipate seeing more five-star restaurants on the show than fast-food joints.

Show starting on 2017-04-16

Episode: Hot and Spicy
In this episode:

The Iron Chefs are turning up the heat; Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli at Johnny Sanchez; Iron Chef Gauntlet competitor Stephanie Izard at Dosa on Fillmore; Iron Chef winner Brad Farmerie at Uncle Boon’s; Iron Chef winner Viet Pham Howlin’ Rays.

Aired on: 2017-05-21

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