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Pit Bulls & Parolees

Pit Bulls & Parolees follows the turbulent drama and bittersweet moments as ex-convicts and ill-reputed dogs come together to strengthen one another. Sharing the same dominant traits of a pit bull — determination, agility, strength and energy — Torres has the power to make a positive change for the prison community and the dog world. Watch as one woman pulls the weight of 1,000 men to fulfill her dream of saving pit bulls from dangerous situations and giving parolees a chance to repair their reputations and their lives.

Show starting on 2009-10-30

Episode: Our Growing Pack
In this episode:

A California man hopes to find a new dog while he battles cancer; after Lizzy rescues a sick dog she rushes to the vet; Tania and Perry prepare to embark on a new chapter in life — parenthood.

Aired on: 2017-09-23

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